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Loan Period:  Between 1 and 15 days



    Library patrons can borrow an item from the Library of Things (including Hotspots) for a loan period of UP TO 2 weeks. Patrons do not have to reserve an item for the full 2 weeks.

    Objects (including hotspots) can be booked 1 time per month. For instance, if you book a hotspot, you will not be able to book another one until the next month. 

    Patrons are allowed 2 Library of Things reservations per month in total.

    Hotspots are ONLY for Westborough residents.

 Device borrowing privileges shall be suspended if the patron fails to return any device by the time it is due. For the first policy violation, device borrowing privileges shall be suspended for 3 months and reservation abilities will be revoked;  for the second offense 6 months. Subsequent late returns will result in borrowing privileges being revoked. Hotspot lending privileges will be permanently revoked for any device that is over 14 days late regardless of the number of the offense.

Patrons must not loan equipment to others.

A mobile hotspot from Mobile Beacon connects multiple computers or Wi-Fi-enabled consumer electronics like smartphones and tablets to Mobile Beacon's mobile broadband Internet service. The hotspot can be used at any location within the Mobile Beacon coverage area.

Categories: Hotspots

General Availability:

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Maximum Use: 1 loan per patron per month
Quantity in Inventory: 28

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